Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Slice

Now here is a conundrum… I want to keep writing this blog but I’ve been trying to cut out sugar as well as pasta, bread, rice, etc. This is problematic as grandma’s recipes can be pretty much divided into two categories: yummy desserts and carb-laden casseroles.

I decided today to bake a dessert and then give it away. Whether to neighbours, family or workmates – I’m sure someone will take it off my hands.

I’m making the very first recipe in the ‘bars and squares’ cookbook which also happens to be labeled as ‘good’.

It looks super easy and looking through the only thing I need to pick up at the grocery store is some more butter (as I’m getting low) and a can of apple pie filling. 

When I was at the store I realized that a can of apple pie filling was about $4!!! Side note: I’m kinda cheap. I know I could just buy apples and make filling for less than this… but I want to follow the recipe exactly. 

Here are my ingredients. They look pretty non-scary as far as these recipes go. You can see that I cheaped out and went for the no-name brand of pie filling.

I grease up my pan (I’ve started to realize this is a key to success with these recipes). The only problem is that these are bars that are supposed to be made in a square pan but all of mine are at my sister’s place. I took them over when I was baking my niece’s castle shaped 3rd birthday cake (which was hi-lar-i-ous-ly bad by the way – you have to let go of perfectionism when you cake decorate with a 3-year-old). Ah well… pie plate it is.

It’s a pretty easy dough as I just throw butter, sugar and an egg in the mixer and give it a whirl (or ‘cream’ it if we are being fancy).

By the way can I tell you how much I love that the recipe tells you to mix it in your ‘mixmaster’! I should start calling my mixer that!

Slowly mix in the dry ingredients and voila – crust!

I squish a little less than half in to make the bottom crust.

Then I dump on the magic ingredient (shhhh... the secret ingredient is pie filling).

At this point I’m ready to roll out the top crust. The recipe says to do it on waxed paper but I don’t have that. I do however have a silicon mat and I figure that should work.

I know I should roll it but… well… my ex-husband got the rolling pin in the divorce. I’m not even kidding about that actually. I need to buy a new one but… did I mention I’m cheap and wine bottles do a pretty good job?

And now I just elegantly move this onto the top of the pan…

Oh crap. Well. Let’s call that rustic. Hey… I get to sprinkle icing sugar on top. That should cover all sins right.

Hmmm… not exactly the beautiful look I was planning but I’ll just keep soldiering ahead.

Into the oven it goes until it comes out browned and nummy smelling. I tried to take a slice out for a picture but it was just kind of falling apart. I could tell the bottom crust was pretty soggy and if I made it again I would probably blind bake that crust a bit first.

After this cooled I called my sister who happened to have her mother and father-in-law visiting from out of town. I asked if she wanted this dessert and she said they would probably really appreciate it – especially since she fed them brown rice and tofu for dinner!

I took the apple slice over and asked for their feedback for all of you folks. When I spoke with my sister a couple days later she said that the in-laws took their job very seriously. They said that it was a bit sweet for their tastes and that the bottom crust was a bit soggy (which I knew).

I did sneak a small spoonful and you know… it was very yummy for such a quick and easy dessert. Just maybe use the waxed paper!