Monday, May 28, 2012

Wonder Pie

So today’s recipe is the first one in the Pie section of Grandma G’s cookbook. And it’s a doozy. Nothing like a pie with absolutely nothing fresh in it!

Here are the assembled ingredients…. Feel free to shudder. I did. I guess those lemons count as fresh ingredients… I’ll cling onto that shred of ‘healthiness’.

The first step is to put together the jello filling. Here was my first big mistake. You see I mixed raspberry jello, sugar, lemon juice, orange juice and boiling water.

Okay – raspberry jello is weird. I haven’t made jello since I was a kid. It is so so red!

(And yes, my mixing bowls are pink. Does that surprise you?)

Somehow 4 ½ cups of sugar just seems wrong… really wrong…

Let me take a closer look at the recipe. Oh… crap….

Yeah. That’s not 3 cups of boiling water and 4 ½ cups of sugar. It’s ¾ cup boiling water and ½ cup sugar. Yeah that sounds better. So now it’s time to run to the store to buy more jello.

On a side note I hate wasting food. So I dumped this weird mix of jello and sugar back into a container and if anyone has any suggestion of what to do with a lot of sugar mixed with a bit of jello powder I’d love to hear it!

Okay back with more jello and I’ve mixed the whole thing. Still it looks so so wrong. So very very red!

In any case I put it into the fridge to partially set and make my graham cracker crust. At least the crust looks good.

Okay the jello is set a little. I’m supposed to whipped the condensed milk. I was curious if it was supposed to whip like whipped cream so I looked online. I found that if you slightly freeze condensed milk that it whips like whipped cream and is slightly lighter and better for you than cream. Who knew! I learned something new!

I took the condensed milk out of the freezer and opened it and… well… it was frozen. I thought I left it in for too long. So I thought that I would jam a spoon into it like ice cream and scoop it out. Ummm… bad idea. It wasn’t frozen in the centre and… well… I was wiping drips of condensed milk off my cupboards, floor and myself.

But look… it whips! That’s pretty neat!

Now I mix it with the partly set Jello. Yeah… this is super weird.

I pour it into the pie shell and chill. It is so so PINK!

So I cut myself a small piece. It really highlights how very very pink it is.

So are you are wondering how it tastes? Very very very sweet. It tastes… pink. Sweet and artificial and pink. I feel like I should make this and invite girls over for a sleepover with makeovers and gossip about boys.

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