Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thimble Cookies

I decided today to try a classic looking jam-filled cookie that seemed like it would be pretty tasty and easy to make.

It was once again from one of the clipped recipes in the book and you can see this was submitted by Jean Soluk from Beausejour. I also find the other recipes kind of amusing – like the ‘oriental’ chicken 'plaff' (pilaf?) and the sweet and sour sauce that they make sure to point out is Chinese. Ah small town life in the 70s.

Let me also show you my favourite thing about this recipe – the back. Check out how much house you can get in Thunder Bay for $26,900 at that time! Also I like the little bit at the bottom about someone looking for a player piano.


So let’s get started on the cookies. Here are the ingredients. All nice normal baking ingredients… no gelatine in this one! In any form!

I start with creaming the butter and sugar. I love the pale colour of creamed butter. Then I add the egg yolks and it is such a beautiful bright yellow colour.

Adding the dry ingredients the dough comes together – super simple.

I use the nuts that I have on hand which are walnuts. They are left over from some apple walnut muffins. I decided to break them down in my Magic Bullet blender (which I love – great for small blending and for smoothies!). I almost went too far and made walnut butter – but I stopped just in time.


So I’ve got my assembly line set up. Once again, please feel free to note the horridness of my kitchen. Although it does put me in the ‘cooking from the 70’s’ frame of mind. And I’m kind of becoming fond of the ugliness of it. So I’m rolling into balls, dipping in egg white, rolling in nuts then making a dip in the middle with a wooden spoon.

Here they are all set for the oven. This was when I noticed it didn’t actually say how long to bake them for. You would never see that in a published recipe now – but I guess you just knew to bake them until they were golden – which I did.

When they came out I spooned some jam in each one and here are the finished cookies.

They were good. It’s a good thing they have jam in them because the cookie itself was pretty crumbly and dry but the jam made it moist and sweet. I’m planning on making my dad (a person notoriously hard to shop for) a basket of homemade goodies for as a present and I think I’ll include some of these.

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  1. I will have you know this kitchen style is coming back in a retro sort of way! seriously! embrace!

    the cookies look great btw... although i never seem to make it to the cookie part. I always get too sick from eating batter that i can't even take one bite of cookie.