Sunday, June 24, 2012

Golden Mushroom Sausage Supper

I needed to save some money on groceries this week. I had spent a bit more on my mini-vacation than planned so I had to be a little thrifty. What better time to break out grandma’s cookbook. I would say a big part of what my grandmother focused on with these recipes was feeding her three boys and husband for not too much money.

I also wanted something that would have easy leftovers so I wouldn’t have to cook too much during the week as I'm expecting to be pretty busy in the evenings.
I thought I would take a stab at some of the clippings in this book and decided on a casserole/rice dish and some cookies (that I will write about later). I would say the vintage of this recipe is some time in the 70s judging from the dates on some of the other recipes. I wish I had more of the pages – I love old magazines and advertisements.

And why did I make this one? Because all the ingredients probably came to less than $8 and I was pretty sure I could feed myself for a while. And hey – frozen peas – a vegetable!

There isn’t too much to say about this recipe – I started by browning the sausages. I gotta say that I’m going to have to stay away from sausages. I haven’t been eating much meat lately and I wasn’t so big on the sausages.

Next was mixing in the rice until it became a bit translucent and then the magic ingredient – soup! I tried to add lots of thyme and fresh ground pepper to add a different flavour.

That’s it. Let it simmer and throw in some frozen peas at some point and – voila. A magazine-published recipe from the 70s. And the flavour? Yep – soup n’rice n’sausage.

I made an attempt to add some flavour from a bottle of reduced balsamic vinegar I made as part of a French Laundry recipe (yep - grandma's cookbook meets French Laundry).

Oh and it does have longevity. Today is my third day of having it for dinner. I might be over it pretty soon… tomorrow night will be its last night.

(P.S. I promise the cookies are better!)

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